Learning from Time Series for Health

Workshop at NeurIPS 2022, Room 392

Contact: ts4h.chairs@gmail.com

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Accepted Papers

FastCPH: Efficient Survival Analysis for Neural Networks
Xuelin Yang, Louis Abraham, Sejin Kim, Petr Smirnov, Feng Ruan, Benjamin Haibe-Kains, Robert Tibshirani

sEHR-CE: Language modelling of structured EHR data for efficient and generalizable patient cohort expansion (spotlight)
Anna Munoz-Farre, Harry Rose, Aylin Cakiroglu

Masked Autoencoder-Based Self-Supervised Learning for Electrocardiograms to Detect Left Ventricular Systolic Dysfunction.
Shinnosuke Sawano, Satoshi Kodera, Hirotoshi Takeuchi, Issei Sukeda, Susumu Katsushika, Issei Komuro

Adversarial Masking for Pretraining ECG Data Improves Downstream Model Generalizability
Jessica Bo, Hen-Wei Huang, Alvin Chan, Giovanni Traverso

Modeling Heart Rate Response to Exercise with Wearables Data
Achille Nazaret, Sana Tonekaboni, Gregory Darnell, Shirley Ren, Guillermo Sapiro, Andrew Miller

Dynamic Survival Transformers for Causal Inference with Electronic Health Records (spotlight)
Prayag Chatha, Yixin Wang, Zhenke Wu, Jeffrey Regier

Contactless Oxygen Monitoring with Gated Transformer
Hao He, Yuan Yuan, Ying-Cong Chen, Peng Cao, Dina Katabi

Improving Counterfactual Explanations for Time Series Classification Models in Healthcare Settings
Tina Han, Jette Henderson, Pedram Akbarian, Joydeep Ghosh

Identifying Structure in the MIMIC ICU Dataset
Zad Chin, Shivam Raval, Finale Doshi-Velez, Martin Wattenberg, Leo Anthony Celi

Contrastive Pre-Training for Multimodal Medical Time Series (spotlight)
Aniruddh Raghu, Payal Chandak, Ridwan Alam, John Guttag, Collin Stultz

Contrastive Learning of Electrodermal Activity Representations for Stress Detection
Katie Matton, Robert A Lewis, John Guttag, Rosalind Picard

Inferring mood disorder symptoms from multivariate time-series sensory data
Bryan M. Li, Filippo Corponi, Gerard Anmella, Ariadna Mas, Miriam Sanabra, Diego Hidalgo-Mazzei, Antonio Vergari

Sleep and Activity Prediction for Type 2 Diabetes Management Using Continuous Glucose Monitoring (spotlight)
Kimmo Karkkainen, Gregory D Lyng, Brian L. Hill, Kailas Vodrahalli, Jeffrey Hertzberg, Eran Halperin

MAEEG: Masked Auto-encoder for EEG Representation Learning
Hsiang-Yun Sherry Chien, Hanlin Goh, Christopher Michael Sandino, Joseph Yitan Cheng

Generalizable Semi-supervised Learning Strategies for Multiple Learning Tasks using 1-D Biomedical Signals
Luca Cerny Oliveira, Zhengfeng Lai, Heather M Siefkes, Chen-Nee Chuah

SurviVAEl: Variational Autoencoders for Clustering Time Series
Stefan Groha, Alexander Gusev, Sebastian M Schmon

Automatic Sleep Scoring from Large-scale Multi-channel Pediatric EEG
Harlin Lee, Aaqib Saeed

Wearable-based Human Activity Recognition with Spatio-Temporal Spiking Neural Networks (spotlight)
Yuhang Li, Ruokai Yin, Hyoungseob Park, Youngeun Kim, Priyadarshini Panda

Multi-modal 3D Human Pose Estimation using mmWave, RGB-D, and Inertial Sensors
Sizhe An, Yin Li, Umit Ogras

Unsupervised Deep Metric Learning for the inference of hemodynamic value with Electrocardiogram signals (spotlight)
Hyewon Jeong, Marzyeh Ghassemi, Collin Stultz

Are you asleep when your phone is asleep? Semi-supervised methods to infer sleep from smart devices

DeepJoint: Robust Survival Modelling Under Clinical Presence Shift
Vincent Jeanselme, Glen Martin, Niels Peek, Matthew Sperrin, Brian Tom, Jessica Barrett

An SNN Based ECG Classifier For Wearable Edge Devices
Dighanchal Banerjee, Sounak Dey, Arpan Pal

On the Importance of Clinical Notes in Multi-modal Learning for EHR Data
Severin Husmann, Hugo Yèche, Gunnar Ratsch, Rita Kuznetsova

Time-constrained decision making in deceased donor kidney allocation (spotlight)
Nikhil Agarwal, Itai Ashlagi, Grace Guan, Paulo Somaini, Jiacheng Zou

Deep Fitness Inference for Drug Discovery with Directed Evolution
Nathaniel Lee Diamant, Ziqing Lu, Christina Helmling, Kangway V Chuang, Christian Cunningham, Tommaso Biancalani, Gabriele Scalia, Max W Shen

Prediction-Constrained Markov Models for Medical Time Series with Missing Data and Few Labels (spotlight)
Preetish Rath, Gabriel Hope, Kyle Heuton, Erik B. Sudderth, Michael C Hughes

Fair Multimodal Checklists for Interpretable Clinical Time Series Prediction (spotlight)
Qixuan Jin, Haoran Zhang, Thomas Hartvigsen, Marzyeh Ghassemi

Temporal patterns in insulin needs for Type 1 diabetes
Isabella Degen, Zahraa S. Abdallah

Continuous Time Evidential Distributions for Processing Irregular Time Series
Taylor W. Killian, Ava P Amini

Deep-learning-based characterization of glucose biomarkers to identify type 2 diabetes, prediabetes, and healthy individuals
Sina Akbarian, Qayam Jetha, Jouhyun Jeon

A Framework for the Evaluation of Clinical Time Series Models (spotlight)
Michael Gao, Jiayu Yao, Ricardo Henao

An Electrocardiogram-Based Risk Score for Cardiovascular Mortality (spotlight)
John Weston Hughes, David Ouyang, Pierre Elias, James Zou, Euan Ashley, Marco Perez

Semi-Supervised Learning and Data Augmentation for Wearable-based Health Monitoring System in the Wild
Han Yu, Akane Sano

Supervised change-point detection with dimension reduction, applied to physiological signals (spotlight)
Charles Truong, Laurent Oudre

Performative Prediction in Time Series: A Case Study
Rupali Bhati, Jennifer Jones, David Langelier, Anthony Reiman, Jonathan Greenland, Kristin Campbell, Audrey Durand

Improving ECG-based COVID-19 diagnosis and mortality predictions using pre-pandemic medical records at population-scale
Weijie Sun, Sunil Vasu Kalmady, Nariman Sepehrvand, Luan Manh Chu, Zihan Wang, Amir Salimi, Abram Hindle, Russell Greiner, Padma Kaul

Deep Neural Imputation: A Framework for Recovering Incomplete Brain Recordings
Sabera J Talukder, Jennifer J. Sun, Matthew K Leonard, Bingni W Brunton, Yisong Yue

Predicting Individual Depression Symptoms from Acoustic Features During Speech
Sebastian Arturo Rodriguez Ordoñez, Sri Harsha Dumpala, Katerina A Dikaios, Sheri Rempel, Rudolf Uher, Sageev Oore

Empirical Evaluation of Data Augmentations for Biobehavioral Time Series Data with Deep Learning (spotlight)
Huiyuan Yang, Han Yu, Akane Sano

Real-world Challenges in Leveraging Electrocardiograms for Coronary Artery Disease Classification (spotlight)
Jessica Karina De Freitas, Alexander Charney, Isotta Landi

Continual Learning on Auxiliary tasks via Replayed Experiences: CLARE
Bohdan Naida, Addison Weatherhead, Sana Tonekaboni, Anna Goldenberg

Joint Point Process Model for Counterfactual Treatment-Outcome Trajectories Under Policy Interventions
Çağlar Hızlı, S. T. John, Anne Tuulikki Juuti, Tuure Tapani Saarinen, Kirsi Hannele Pietiläinen, Pekka Marttinen

A Preliminary Study on Pattern Reconstruction for Optimal Storage of Wearable Sensor Data
Sazia Mahfuz, Farhana Zulkernine

Learning Absorption Rates in Glucose-Insulin Dynamics from Meal Covariates (spotlight)
Ke Alexander Wang, Matthew E Levine, Jiaxin Shi, Emily Fox

Treatment-RSPN: Recurrent Sum-Product Networks for Sequential Treatment Regimes
Adam Dejl, Harsh Deep, Jonathan Fei, Ardavan Saeedi, Li-wei H. Lehman

Dynamic Outcomes-Based Clustering of Disease Trajectory in Mechanically Ventilated Patients
Emma Charlotte Rocheteau, Ioana Bica, Pietro Lio, Ari Ercole

PiRL: Participant-Invariant Representation Learning for Healthcare
Zhaoyang Cao, Han Yu, Huiyuan Yang, Akane Sano

Performance and utility trade-off in interpretable sleep staging (spotlight)
Irfan Al-Hussaini, Cassie S. Mitchell